Are you ready to become who you were born to be?

Are you ready to become who you were born to be?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching in Vancouver with Gillian Pace. Transform into the person you have really been all along and create the life that matches your potential.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy

How it works, how it is different and how those differences can benefit you.


Gillian Pace

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Unleash Your Dreams in 2017

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Do you find yourself waking every morning feeling lost, stuck, bored, dissatisfied and frustrated? You are not alone.


The Problem


Deep down, you know you were born for more than this. Even though you would never say it out loud, you know that no-one else has your unique constellation of talents and skills, your abilities and insights, your passion for the thing you do in a way no one else does. But you buckled under the pressure, from others and from yourself, to 'go get a real job.' And maybe you've been hating yourself and the job ever since.


You tried to squeeze satisfaction out of that job. And then you waited. Because you made a promise to yourself - one day. When the mortgage is paid off, when the kids are through college / leave home, when your partner is earning enough to cover the bills for a while, when the economy picks up, when you figure out how to make money at this..... But now you are starting to feel like time is running out and your 'one day' will never arrive.


The Solution


There is never going to be a perfect time. Will now do?


I work with people just like you - people who are waking up to who they really are, in all their multi-faceted glory, and are trying to figure out what the heck to do next. I use Cognitive Hypnotherapy and coaching processes to take you, step by step, from a deep enquiry into who you are REALLY are, to uncovering and resolving limiting messages from your past that have become the beliefs you now live by. From here, we take a magical trip out into the purposefully designed future that you will be creating for yourself, anchoring a vision that will draw you forward on your journey. Then we plan a route to this future, starting first with your powerfully stated goal and plotting each step towards it. The final missing piece is sorting out what you need - from internal resources to material means. Then you will be ready for action, taking each prepared step with my support and cheering-leading.


How it works


Why would you choose to work with me rather than one of those ten-a-penny life coaches? Cognitive Hypnotherapy works by using your rational and analytic conscious mind (that's the cognitive part) to solve the problems that are outside of your everyday awareness, but are nonetheless negatively affecting you (that's the hypnotherapy part). Willpower alone won't get you there - you know because you have tried it. Cognitive Hypnotherapy enables you to tap into the part of your mind where all of your habits and automatic thoughts are stored. With my help, using a large tool kit of powerful processes, you will be able to create deep and lasting change in your beliefs and in your life faster than you might ever have thought possible.


Your friendly neighbourhood Cognitive Hypnotherapist


Hi! I am Gillian. Based in Vancouver, BC, I am Canada's first Quest Institute-trained Cognitive Hypnotherapist and I would love to have a conversation to find out who you are, what you are looking for and how I can help you. To book your free, no obligation discovery session, contact me today. Find out more about me here.