Life is short. Do what you love.

Life is short. Do what you love.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Transformative Coaching in Vancouver for people who are ready to banish their fears and do what they love.


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Cognitive Hypnotherapy and coaching to help you get unstuck and moving in the direction of what you want to do.


Vancouver Transformers

A 7 step program and a community of people supporting each other to go for what they love.


Your Good Goodbye

A diagnosis of terminal illness may mean there's a lot you still want to do and a short time to do it.

Too many of us are having a near-life experience


The Problem

There is something that you would love to be doing but you're not doing it. It could be anything: pottery, academic scholarship, songwriting, community leadership, making clothes...... You love it. You're in love and in flow when you're doing it. You don't want to do much of anything but it. But instead, like so many of us, you've been spending your life making rent, making nice and making do. Getting little tastes of what you love every once in a while, enough to remind yourself who you REALLY are.


And perhaps you made a promise to yourself of One Day. One Day when the mortgage is paid off, when the kids are through college, when your partner is earning enough to cover the bills, when the economy picks up, when you retire, when you finally figure out how to make money at this, when the time is right....


Until a different One Day arrives: the one when you wake up to the fact that you don't have that long. It could be a big birthday pulls you up short. Maybe someone you love dies. Perhaps you get bad news about your health. And then suddenly, none of the excuses matter anymore. You know beyond a doubt that this right-now moment is the only one you have.


There is never going to be a perfect time. Will now do?


The Solution

I work with people just like you - people who have woken up to the fact that there might never be a right time. People who know who they really are and what they really love, who are tired of living in frustration and afraid of dying in regret. People who don't know what to do next but know that they must do something.


I offer Cognitive Hypnotherapy and coaching processes to take you through a step by step process, starting with a deep inquiry into what makes your heart sing then proceeding to uncover and resolve limiting messages from your past that have become the beliefs you now live by. After you have completed these steps, we take a magical trip out into the purposefully designed future that you will be creating for yourself, anchoring a vision that will draw you forward on your journey. We then plan a route to this future, starting first with your powerfully stated goal and plotting each step towards it. Finally, we sort out what you're going to need - from internal resources to the material means. Then you are ready for action, taking each prepared step with my support and cheering-leading.


How it works

Why choose me rather than one of the many good life coaches around? I have learned from my own experience that willpower alone won't get you to your goal if what you really believe is that you don't deserve it, because you're 'unworthy,' 'not good enough' or 'people like me don't do things like this.'


Cognitive Hypnotherapy addresses these powerful, and often hidden, beliefs. It works by using your rational and analytic conscious mind (that's the cognitive part) to solve the problems that are outside of your everyday awareness, but are nonetheless negatively affecting you (that's the hypnotherapy part). Cognitive Hypnotherapy enables you to tap into the part of your mind where all of your habits and automatic thoughts are stored. With my help, you will be able to create deep and lasting change in your beliefs and in your life faster than you might ever have thought possible.


Why this is important

Let's be honest, shall we? We waste a lot of the little time we have.  We fill it with a whole lot of unnecessary stuff and then we still feel bored and frustrated.


Doing what you love is not a selfish act


Whether you know it or not, the world is hungry for what you have. For the thing you do in your own beautiful way that no-one else could or would, whatever that is. It doesn't take a genius to see that the world is hurting for the excess of greed and the lack of honest leadership. We've made a great big mess and business as usual is not going to fix it.


Doing what you love is not a selfish act. It is an act of leadership, because where you go with heart and passion, others will surely follow.  It is an act of defiance, one that says, 'not in my name.' It is an act of hope, because how things are is not ever the same as how things will be in the future. And it is an act of love that says, 'we are all worth so much more than this.'


Hi, I'm Gillian Pace

The thing I love to do is to help you get to do the thing you love to do.


I've come by my expertise honestly - I spent many years being the queen of fucking around, of not doing the thing I knew I most wanted to do in the world. I know what it is like to feel 'less than,' to feel entirely unentitled. It is this deep well that I draw from - because I climbed out of that hole, I know that you can too.


Based in Vancouver, BC, I am Canada's first Quest Institute-trained Cognitive Hypnotherapist and I'm also trained as a life coach (you can learn more about me here). I would love to have a conversation with you today. I would love to ask you what it is that you love and to figure out with you whether I am the best person to help you to start doing it. To book your free, no obligation discovery session, contact me now.