What do you want to do before you die?

You might have asked yourself this question before, but this time it's different. It's not an abstract concept anymore, a thing you're going to face many, many years from now. You have been given a diagnosis and a prognosis. You have time, but not as much of it as you thought you had.


Most humans are terrified of death. Societies have put it to use as the ultimate punishment. We've turned it into the basis of our horror stories. 'A good life' is defined as one that ends in old old age and any story that ends in the death of the main character has a 'sad' ending.


Since death isn't optional, can we choose to have a happy ending?


I believe we can.


If you have a diagnosis of terminal illness, I would be honoured to be part of the team that supports you to live your final years, months, weeks or days to the fullest of your capacity.

Here are some of the ways I can empower you to have your good goodbye:

Your Bucket List

Is there something you have been 'dying' all your life to do? Record a song? Go white water rafting? Write your memoirs? I help you prioritise, plan and put into action whatever dreams and goals you want and have the capacity to achieve before you go.

Grief and Loss

Whether your loved ones are falling apart or putting on a brave face, there may be little space for you to connect with and express your own feelings about what is happening. I create and hold the space for you to experience your own feelings of grief and loss.

Addressing Fear

Whether it is death itself or the process of dying, fear can be a powerful obstacle to a peaceful and satisfying end of life experience. I hold the space for you to express your fear and provide powerful processes to help to loosen the grip it may have on you.

Relieving Pain

Pain medications can leave you feeling numbed out and disconnected from the people you love and from your experience. Hypnotherapy has some powerful tools to address pain, enabling you to be clear-headed and present.

Hypnotherapy for Healing

The body/mind connection is powerful - and yet few Western doctors acknowledge, let alone utilise, the ability of the mind to heal the body. I use your own healing imagery to access your mind's ability to reverse dis-ease and damage and to create comfort and peace.

Healing Emotional Trauma

The burden of emotional trauma can be as heavy on the body as it is on the mind and it is never too late to heal this. Using processes including regression, I help you to resolve even deep-seated emotional issues, empowering you to come to a place of peace and forgiveness.

The irony is it can take a diagnosis of terminal disease in order for us to wake up to the preciousness of life. It can cast into sharp relief the things that are most important to us, enabling us let go of things that really, in the scheme of things, don't matter very much. What a gift!


Every moment of our lives offers us the opportunity to grow. Even the very final moments.


I am in the process of building a website that will give much more detail about this service and about my approach and philosophy. In the meantime, I would love to have a conversation with you. If you feel that I may be able to support you at this time, get in touch.